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Z-Wave - the Ultimate Home Automation Device

Hackett Security is proud to introduce the advanced Z-Wave technology, designed to keep your smart home or business safe, save energy and enjoy the comfort of a fully controlled environment.

Never compromise on your peace of mind!

An Smart Device For Savvy People

Z-Wave is a simple to use, affordable and highly useful solution for communicating with your home or business, using your mobile device.

The new innovative home automation technology enables our clients to control lights, thermostats, locks, appliances and electrical devices with ease.

For example, you can turn on lights in random patterns to give the impression of occupancy. You can also activate thermostats to save energy or remotely warm a location prior to your arrival.


The Benefits of Home Automation

Home automation is a new smart technique which enables people to control remote devices in a home, business or any other property. The control is achieved by using mobile devices over the internet.

Any electronic device which supports automation securely and conveniently is called a home automation component. This automation technology is what converts a regular home into a smart home.

Home automation can significantly change people's lives. It protects your property even when you're not present, it enables you to supervise your home or business from distant locations, and it makes life much more convenient by controlling appliances.

Use Hackett's Z-Wave technology to control your devices:

  • Lighting
  • Security system
  • Thermostats
  • Appliances
  • Entertainment Systems
  • Intercom
  • Telephone
  • Lawn Sprinklers

Get Your Home Ready to Welcome You

Just imagine that you return home from a long and exhausting day at work and your home is prepared to welcome you!

The Z-Wave automation system can actually turn off the sprinklers, open the garage door, disarm the security system, light the downstairs and turn on the TV!

Home automation also has the ability to help you conserve energy within your home.

You can program your thermostat to adjust during the times you are away, or program the lighting to turn off in unoccupied rooms.

ID solutions

  • View video from up to six cameras, interior or exterior giving you greater protection, convenience and peace of mind.
  • Video recordings are triggered when the camera detects movement, or can be placed on a recording schedule.
  • Viewable via your smart phone or tablet from anywhere you are.
  • Availability to record or view video right on your smart phone or tablet.
alarm systems

  • Easily connects to your heating/cooling system.
  • Create customized schedules for every day of the week.
  • Save energy and money when you leave your home or office by setting the thermostat back, then adjusting temperature when returning.
  • Provides full remote control over temperature and fan settings.
  • Controlled via text with MyAccess service, or an APP on your Apple Iphone and Ipad, or your Android Smartphone and Tablet.
Lighting & Appliances
alarm systems

  • Enjoy wireless control over dozens of lamps and appliances in a single room or spread through several rooms.
  • Program your alarm system to automatically turn lights and appliances on and off at any time to deter potential intruders.
  • Plug control devices into any outlet and then plug the lights or appliance into this device.
  • Lights and appliances can be controlled via text with MyAccess service, or an APP on your Apple Iphone or your Android Smartphone and Tablet.
Door Locks
access control

  • Replacing your existing exterior deadbolt locks with attractive, wireless, remote-control locks is fast and simple.
  • Control locks via your security system, and lock or unlock them using a key or the 6-button keypad on the lock.
  • Door Locks can be controlled via text with MyAccess service, or an APP on your Apple Iphone or your Android Smartphone and Tablet.

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