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Protect Schools & Campuses with Advanced Security Solutions

Schools have become high target areas for crime and violence. To keep students, staff and facilities safe, educational institutions are now searching for new, advanced technologies that can guarantee peaceful and safe learning environments. With Hackett Security this search is over

Never compromise when it comes to your students and faculty!

Total Security Solutions for Educational Campuses

Hackett Security specializes in providing advanced security solutions for educational campuses of all sizes.

To put the minds of parents, students and staff at ease about the safety of their facilities, Hackett Security offers a diverse range of innovative solutions including intrusion and door access systems, fire alarms, video surveillance, intelligent surveillance, facial recognition, metal detectors, drones and more.

Today parents, students and faculty have higher expectations than ever about the way educational institutions protect them. Don't let them down!

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Hackett's Advanced Security Solutions Above and Beyond

Panic Button Systems

Emergency call boxes or ‘panic’ buttons in strategic locations throughout your campus, can ensure that help is available when it’s needed most.

Access Control

Control access to your entire facility or just one room. It’s all in your hands. Turnstiles, elevators, parking garages, doors and more can all be programmed giving you control over who comes and goes at any given time.

Emergency Alert Systems

In case of emergencies, it is critical to have a system in place that would alert every one of the situation as quickly as possible. Whether it be weather alerts, weapon alerts or some other crisis, we can ensure that the urgent news reaches all parties concerned via phone, text, or email.

Asset Protection

Every campus has unique and valuable assets that demand increased security including art work, computer labs, bookstores, etc. By incorporating our latest technology and high-tech security solutions, we can arrange for all your assets to be monitored and protected 24/7.

Intelligent Surveillance

Instant facial recognition can identify and alert you when an unknown individual has entered the area. License plate cameras can be used to take discreet, high resolution images which can be compared with lists of “interested vehicles” that may be associated with crimes.

Metal Detectors

Hackett Security provides the latest in metal detectors allowing students and faculty to walk through with a backpack or purse. No need for long lines waiting to enter a building, stadium or sports facility.

The Time for Responsible Decisions

Finding the right security provider for your campus is critical to the safety of your students and staff. There is no room for error. Hackett Security is the company most able to meet today's complex security challenges and provide your educational institution with maximum integrated protection.

Having the right system is the first step. Having the right monitoring facility is the second step. Without a qualified monitoring center certified and designed for immediate response, and equipped with trained agents to make on the spot, life-saving decisions, your system is less than complete.

school security
school security

24/7, 2050 UL Central Monitoring Station

Hackett Security has its own 2050 UL Certified Central Monitoring Station for 24-hour monitoring of our clients' premises. This includes several forms of emergency backup and the latest in voice and video recording technologies, along with standard burglar and fire alarm monitoring.

Our ability to provide live video monitoring, openings and closings, facial recognition, round the clock emergency service and more ensures that your campus has the latest protection available today.

They Deserve to Feel Safe & Secure

For students and educators to perform at their best they need to feel safe. When the right solutions are professionally implemented and properly managed, campuses are safer and teaching and learning flourish.

Hackett Security experts will help you navigate through all of the options to find the system that works best for your particular security needs. From a small school to a university campus, and everything in between, Hackett Security is the only choice.

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Let our team work for you. A Hackett Report will offer an educated evaluation of your security needs identifying security vulnerabilities, risks and threats, and provide professional recommendations that will help you and your team make the right decisions.

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ID Solutions
ID solutions

Increased security with smart or magnetically striped cards, biometric iris, print scans, or picture ID badges.

Alarm Systems
alarm systems

We specialize in reliable and innovative burglar and fire alarms, always keeping a sharp eye on your assets.

alarm systems

Based on our vast experience, we have a definite advantage in selecting the right cameras for your surveillance needs.

Access Control
access control

Integrated ID solutions that increase security by monitoring your employees, customers, students or visitors.