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Hackett Security is proud to be the Midwest dealer for the worldwide leader in security metal detectors, CEIA. We partnered in early 2008. No other company in electromagnetic wave induction applications has the reputation, credibility, and reliability that CEIA has developed over the past 35 years. Not only that, but CEIA is also Safety Act certified by the Department of Homeland Security. To find out more information about the Safety Act Certification, please Click here

CEIA offers a wide range of walk through and portable models, as well as hand held, designed to respond as efficiently as possible to various application requirements. Following rigorous comparative technical assessment, CEIA metal detectors have obtained prestigious recognition and certification from leading public and private bodies which use them to protect their most sensitive access-points.

Metal Detectors

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Classic HI-PE Multi Zone PMD2 Plus
  • High Level of Detection Uniformity
  • Leading Edge Technology
  • Easy to Install and Use
  • Suitable for Portable Applications
  • No Maintenance Required
  • Affordable Pricing
  • Very High Speed of Detection
  • High Immunity to External Interferences
  • Complete Security Detection
  • Local or Remote Programming with Networking Capabilities
  • Provides Single or Multiple Location of Weapons in Transit
  • Superior Detection and Throughput
  • Certifies to the strictest Security Standards
  • Column and Panel versions
  • Unmatched Reliability & Zero Required Maintenance
  • 10 minute Installation
  • Enterprise Class Performance at Entry Level Pricing
  • Very High Sensitive to all metals
  • Exceptional Immunity to external interferences
  • Compliant with the strictest detection standards
  • Unmatched Reliability
  • Rapid Installation

Security Detection

Hand Held Detector

  • Very high sensitivity
  • Detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Optical, acoustic and vibration alarm signals
  • Very long battery life
  • Rapid inductive battery charger
  • Very high reliability
  • Ease of use
  • Automatic calibration
  • Exclusive ergonomic shape

Mobile Security

Compact Metal Detector

  • Detection of all magnetic and non-magnetic metals
  • Sensitivity adjustable over a wide range of values
  • High discrimination capability for adjacent targets
  • Automatic Compensation for mineralized/ high natural metal content soil
  • Balanced, compact, lightweight design
  • Ease of operation with minimum training time required
  • Extremely high level of electrical and mechanical reliability
  • Integrated battery charger

Events to Utilize CEIA Metal Detectors

  • concerts
  • sporting events
  • graduations
  • convention
  • political events
  • meetings

CEIA metal detectors are also critical additions to a comprehensive campus security program. Hackett Security offers trained technicians and customized support in the use of these powerful devices. Rentals, accessories and options are all available. Contact us today to find out how we can help to secure your establishment.

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