Think about all the people who interact with your organization every day. Employees, customers, students, visitors – all of them are vital to your success. Equally critical is a secure environment. Our integrated ID solutions can help you increase security, no matter what line of business you’re in.
For small businesses, a secure ID solution may involve name-and-photo IDs, schools and universities may require magnetic stripes or smart card capabilities. Corporations and government agencies often need highly secure IDs with holographic laminates. Since we partner with many of the industry leaders in ID solutions, we can meet all these needs and even integrate them with our other services including time and technology, visitor management, and access control.

ID Solutions

Employee vs. Visitor – Know who’s on your premise
Business offices, processing plants, hospitals, virtually everyone should have a badge

  • Track employee’s time and attendance
  • Control building access
  • Store employee information

Membership Card:  don’t lose revenue - make it mandatory for members to have IDs
Tanning clubs, health clubs, casinos, libraries

  • Track membership perks
  • Monitor usage
  • Allow access to the facilities during specific times

Gift or Debit Cards

  • Issue in store credit, debit, and gift cards instantly
  • Track customer’s spending habits

Access Control 
Churches, day care, computers

  • Allow cardholders to securely access buildings, spaces or equipment
  • Easily deactivate access if needed

Multi-Use cards – don’t have your employee carry a separate card for each function

  • Military, airport personnel, virtually any high security facility group
  • Bar codes, magnetic stripes and smart chips can all be incorporated into one card

ID Technologies

High Definition Printing™uses dye-sublimation technology to print crisp, 300-dpi images on the underside of HDP® Film developed by Fargo.  By sandwiching images between the HDP Film and the card, High Definition Printing makes cards virtually tamper-proof and highly resistant to wear and abrasion. Along with higher image quality, you’ll benefit from the best card security and durability measures available anywhere.

  • Designed to encode smart cards and other technology cards
  • This versatile print technology also performs exceptionally when encoding smart cards and other cards with uneven surfaces and unique card features.
  • High Definition Printing encoding capabilities support such popular emerging technologies as HID® clamshell proximity cards, MIFARE®, ISO 7816 smart chips and more.
  • Ideal for any high-security, high-profile application
Direct-to-Card (DTC®) printing:is the most common technology used by desktop card printer/encoders to transfer images directly onto a plastic ID card. DTC technology prints images by heating a print ribbon beneath a thermal print-head, resulting in the transfer of color from the ribbon to a blank card.

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