Direct-to-Card (DTC®) printing is the most common technology used by desktop card printer/encoders to transfer images directly onto a plastic ID card. DTC technology prints images by heating a print ribbon beneath a thermal printhead, resulting in the transfer of color from the ribbon to a blank card. Below are several photo ID printing solutions.

Employee vs. Visitor, know who’s on your premises
Business Offices, processing plants, hospitals, virtually everyone should be badged.

DTC_Axess Fusion-Technologies-Spanish Hospital US-Dept-of-Security

  • Track employee’s time and attendance
  • Control building access
  • Store employee information
Membership Card, don’t lose revenue, make it mandatory for members to have IDs
Tanning clubs, health clubs, casinos, libraries, your services are expensive to provide.

Metro_Transit_2 gold1

  • Track membership perks
  • Monitor usage
  • Allow access to the facilities during specifically defined times
Student Badges
Elementary schools, private schools, universities, more than just an ID.

MountView-University Monroe-University

  • Track student’s time and attendance and whereabouts
  • Use as a bookstore or snack bar debit card
  • Use for library or equipment checkout

Note: Control student, staff, and faculty access to labs, classrooms, offices

Reward or Loyalty Cards, acknowledge your faithful followers
eCommerce, massage clubs, casinos, the perfect tool to encourage recurring revenue.

clubphys gold3 Fitness_4_Life

  • Offer discounts and savings to groups or all of your dedicated customers
  • Encourage customers to visit frequently and spend more
  • Track valuable data to monitor inventory, item popularity, seasonal trends
Gift or Debit Cards

Global-Bank-Beach Global-Bank-Orchid

  • Issue in store credit, debit, and gift cards instantly
  • Track customer’s spending habits
Access Control
Churches, day care, computers

Valleyview_Prep tech-100

  • Allow cardholders to securely access buildings, spaces or equipment
  • Easily deactivate access if needed
Multi-Use Cards, don’t have your employees carry a separate card for each function
Military, airport personnel, virtually any high security facility or group.

frenair2 Wells-County-Corrections US-Security-Dept

  • Bar codes, magnetic stripes and smart chips can all be incorporated into one card


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