With legalized gaming now in 48 states, the U.S. has seen an explosion in the gaming Industry. This explosion is easily witnessed as Poker tournaments themselves regularly outdraw other major sporting events ongaming TV. It is a cultural phenomenon and as such gaming establishments are turning more and more into comprehensive entertainment mega-centers. These entertainment mega-centers include gaming, fine dining and live performances among so much more, and are attracting people of all interests, age groups, and demographics. This leads to millions of unique and new customers who have never even been to a casino before every year. As such, casinos are at higher and higher risk, and top-flight, cutting edge security technology is always in demand.
Complicating matters, the gaming Industry is one of the most regulated industries in the nation. This makes each and every system unique from each other. Factors include gaming and alcohol regulations, State and Federal laws, tribal regulations, and even individual gaming company policies. Each of these can factor into a unique design for every casino.
At Hackett Security, Inc. we will supply your casino with cutting edge video, surveillance, and security technology. We understand the demands of the gaming Industry, and we can customize our solution to meet your particular needs or budget. We do not stop after the initial install is completed and we will continue to support your system for the life of it. Click the menu on the left or below to find out more.

The 9 Things You Should Know as a Security Director

Writer Christopher J. Wetzel outlines 9 major points a security director should know.
  1. Get a security firm that is knowledgeable of computer networking.
  2. IT and security directors should understand each other's model.
  3. Let (or make) your IT director comfortable with security hardware.
  4. Security and IT directors should partner together.
  5. As an integrator, expect to compete with other ROI initiatives.
  6. Software is the new hardware.
  7. Physically test new designs and ideas.
  8. Don't depend solely on technology. Merge the physical and the tech.
  9. An integrator is an integrator, not 3 or 23.