At Hackett Security, we handle a variety of security needs for businesses, schools, hospitals and homes of every size. From single units to campus-wide solutions, we offer more than just remote alarm and video monitoring.
The issue of campus safety has become increasingly important in the US over the past few years. Both parents and students have clear expectations that schools will take appropriate steps to keep their buildings and campuses as safe as possible.
Campus and School Security is a specialty of ours, and we offer a variety of secure solutions in this important area. Below is a list of services we provide in order to keep your campus safe and secure:

Panic Button Systems
By choosing us to install emergency communication boxes or ‘panic’ buttons in strategic locations throughout your campus, we can ensure that help is available when it’s needed most. Common locations include teller and cashier stations, greeter desks, administration offices and classrooms.
Access Control
Primary gated areas, controlled buildings, and rooms where vital assets are stored call all be protected by either one of our pin-reader or ID card systems that grant entry to selected users.
Emergency Alert Systems:
In case of emergencies, it is critical to have a system in place that would alert everyone of the situation as quickly as possible. Whether it be weather alerts, weapon alerts or some other crisis, we can ensure that the urgent news reaches all parties concerned via phone message, text, or email.
Asset Protection:
Every campus has unique and valuable assets that demand increased security including art work, computer labs, bookstores, etc. By incorporating our latest technology and high-tech security solutions, we can arrange for all your assets to be monitored and protected 24*7.
License Plate Cameras:
A license plate camera can be used to take discreet, high resolution images which can be compared with lists of “interested vehicles” that may be associated with crimes.
ID Badges/Cards:
ID cards are increasingly becoming important to college campuses. They can not only grant access to labs and conference halls, but can also contain data regarding meal plans for use in the dining halls. All kinds of important information like this can be integrated by our systems into your school’s card payment system or independent of it.

When in the market for a security contractor, an educational institution must find a firm that will be the right fit. Hackett Security, in particular, fits the bill with the security services that we provide. We have been in the business of installing and monitoring burglar alarm, fire alarm, and access control systems for over 30 years. In addition, we have a UL Certified Central Station for 24-hour monitoring of our clients' premises. This includes several forms of emergency backup and the latest in voice and video recording technologies, along with standard burglar and fire alarm monitoring.

At Hackett Security, Inc., we aim to be your complete security solutions provider with no job being too small or too big. If you have a need for our services, whether it is to consult on a completely new security system or you simply need to monitor your existing security system, please give us a call at 877-432-4200.