Hackett Security is an Underwriters Laboratories certified and listed company, which is the gold standard for technical excellence and for reliable security monitoring. At Hackett Security, we understand that every business has unique security needs, and it can be a challenge to keep abreast of all your security options. As technology continues to advance and open new doors, some of these doors serve to better protect us from intruders while others let in newer, more sophisticated threats. This is where our expertise in secure system integration plays a key role.

If you are looking for the latest technologies to keep your assets and employees safe, we can help. Even if you already have significant investments tied up in legacy systems, don’t scrap them and sell them for parts. We can help you optimize your existing network infrastructure with a mix of hardware and software solutions. We are a full-service systems integrator and have partnered with leading technology manufacturers and providers to offer you a wide range of solutions. These solutions range from fire and burglar alarms, to access control, to digital surveillance and monitoring, to metal detectors and more. Our talented sales and technical teams are well-equipped to tailor a fully integrated system that meets your organization’s specific needs:

With our time and attendance technology, a hospital can track their hourly employees and automate their payroll at the same time by requiring employees to scan ID badges as they come and go.
The hospital later realizes that they need to keep better track of who is in the building at all times. With our on-site networked ID printing system, a badge can easily be created that permits customized access to certain areas. This badge can easily be integrated with the time and attendance system already in place.
Now that they know who is in the building at all times, they may decide that they’d also like to know where they are in the building. With our RFID door access technology, they can keep track of patient movements using the same systems already mentioned, but with bracelets instead of badges.
The hospital decides that they would also like to add video monitoring to their hallways. To increase security even further, we install a silent alarm system for them. With the video monitoring, silent alarm system, and RFID door access technology in place and fully integrated, they can rest assured that they’ve done everything they can to ensure patient.

Whatever the specific need, Hackett can provide enterprise-class security integration. We can take any or all of these solutions and tie them together for you. To learn more, click the various services on the 'Solutions' menu above or below and read more in-depth about what we do. When you are ready, you can go to the contact page and request correspondence with one of our sales representatives. Of special interest for our corporate clients who want total integration is the MAXxess line of products.